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Introducing - Patsy Wilson

Name: Patsy Wilson
Email: @patsy

Hello, I just now stumbled across this list group while
researching different jewelry web sites. Being a jeweler who
does not want to live by arena & park shows alone, I am in the
process of developing my own site, and I am interested in how
people deal with the differences between group sites (group
efforts, or a “store”) and a single jeweler’s site, re:
immediacy of public interest & hits, sales, accessability
(linkage), etc.

Oh, and since this is an introduction ;), I’m Patsy Wilson, a
jeweler in the downtown Saint Paul, MN area, and most of my work
is based on the beaded link. Imagine a ladder choker, single
long necklace, full netted collar or arm-cuff constructed by
linking the looped ends of beaded metal stems (like a pile of
mating earrings ;} ) to create one form. I call it
"bead-maile", and my style I have come to call
"tribal-victorian" and “techno-tribal”, tho I do dull around
with conservative work to make the rent .

Well, I hope this is an active list, and I look forward to
seeing what emerges.