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Introducing - Nola Greenman-Clawson

Name: Nola Greenman-Clawson
Email: @jnclawso
Address: Tansy Mist Fiber and Bead, 8729 E. 7 Mile Road, Big Rapids,
Michigan 49307

I am no longer able to work at my profession, RN, am trying to
learn all I can about jewelry making in all phases. Am unable to
level the house most of the time so unable to take classes,
instruction or apprentist. I have learn much from the web but if
anyone knows of a quality corresponded course, I would appreciate
the No children but a menager, llamas, horses,
cattle, geese, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, parrottes and turtles
and an occassional wild animal until well enough to make it alone.

Name: Nola Greenman-Clawson
Email: @jnclawso
Address: Tansy Mist Fiber and Beads
8729 E. 7 Mile Road, Big Rapids,Mi., 49307-9149

Hi, I had join momentarily before the digest verison was
available. I had been a nurse for 25 years but had to stop due to
chemicals in the work place. Now I am working at being an
artist. I have been working with beads so far but have 2 pendants
to wire wrap to christman gifts and an opal to reset in a ring.
I live on a farm with a menagrie of llamas, horses, geese,
chickens, turtles, parrots, dogs and cats. Also am the unoffical
neighborhood animal midwife and herbalist. DH is also artistic,
plays many musical instrument, writes music, gives lessons, and
works full time in hospital lab to fiance this. Nola