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Introducing - Nikki Hull-Campbell

Name: Nikki Hull-Campbell
Email: @nikki

I am a self taught artisan who has been producing my own designs
as a hobby on and off for about seventeen years. My current
focus is on cloissone enameling, medieval, and renaissance
jewelry. Many thanks to all of the jewelers and metalsmiths out
there who so generously share their tips and tricks with
everyone! It is just great to have such knowlegeable people
available when I hit a problem in my work! I look forward to
many interesting discussions.


Name: Nikki Hull-Campbell
Email: @nikki2


I am back to the list afer almost a year packing up the shop,
moving to a new house, remodelling and finally setting my shop
back up and starting to make jewelry again. I am looking
forward to the wonderful advice and inspiration that the folks on
this list generously provide.