Introducing - $name

Name: Alton Earle
Email: @acearle
Address: P.O. Box 714 Snoqualmie, WA 98065

My wife does custom traditional Chinese knotted jewelry. Her preferred
center pieces are carved jades. We also do some custom silver work, but
that is usually on a commision basis.

Name: Kathy
Email: @aspinall
Address: Perth Western Australia

My area of jewellery is enamelling. I also lecture in silver
jewellery making at a local college. Next year I plan to go to
University to do a Bachelor of Arts. I must be mad to want to go
back to school again.

Name: Phil. London
Email: @Phil.London

President & Founder of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths,Pa.
Soc.of Goldsmiths and  Collector, Author and Lecturer of
Jewlery made of Hair.

Name: J P Beukes
Email: @JPBeukes
Address: 92 Borghorst Street Monte Vista 7460 Cape Town

I am a chainmaker, I live in Cape Town and would like to get in
touch with people with the same interest or occupation.

Name: Sabine Amtsberg
Email: @gallery
Address: Hannover, Germany

Hello all,

I recently finished metal design studies and now am staring up
my own business, doing jewelry and silverwork. On this list I
hope to find some more experienced jewelry makers that will be
able to help me with the problems and questions that appear while
I am trying to realize my ideas.

See ya,

Name: Dory Hendrickson
Email: @www.doresgem
Address: C/O Kishi & Co Tallahassee, FL

I buy & sell designer jewelry. Often perform as shop forman for
intricate repair & custom designer.

Name: Lynn Ossa Rader
Email: @lrader
Address: Lynn Ossa Fabrications 343 East 85th Street New York, N.Y

Lynn Ossa - I have been making handwrought jewelery for
twenty-five years. I am a second generation art jeweler. I have
bench trained two other jewelers. I like to talk to my jeweler
friends about new ideas .

Name: Laurey Ray
Email: @laurey
Address: 123 Vista Del Lago Street
Henderson, NV 89015

Hello, I’ve always been interested in jewelry making and my most
recent passion is wirewrapping. I’ve also recently run into a
little good luck - my brother in law - has tired of the jewelry
business and has given me all of his supplies and equiptment. Now
I just have to figure out how to use it!

Laurey Ray