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Introducing - Miriam de Resende Baeta

Name: Miriam de Resende Baeta
Email: miriambaeta@caixapostal,
Address: Rua. Nascimento Silva 250/101
Ipanema Rio de Janeiro Brazil Cep: 22 421-020

My name is Miriam Baeta. I’ve been in the Jewelry Business for ten
years already. I started my carreer in the United States and there
I had worked for the metropolitan museum until I have decided to
return to my country; Brazil My work now is becoming very unic here
once I dedicate all my efforts seartching for different textures.

I also imported some machines from Austria and France. I am not a
big industry as you may think. My studio is pretty small with only
seven employees, but my capacity to attend my clients is very
large. I have a site in the internet with other designers called:

there I have one texturized piece. Last week a friend from Brazil
told me that she was invited from you to have her work in your
site beside other designers. I would like you to take a look at my
work and tell me if I can have the same opportunity. I have been
working very hard to bring my work to a very interesting level so I
can have it appreciated in other countries.

Thanks for the opportunity
Miriam Baeta