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Introducing - Michael Chapman

Name: Michael Chapman
Email: @ont_gem_serv
Address: 6-650 Colborne St. London, Ontario N6A 5A1 Canada

I am a fifth generation jeweller active in the jewellery
business for twenty years as a independant gemologist now in
London Ontario Canada. I am GIA trained and primarily use the
internet as a research tool. it is my opinion that
jewellers/gemologists require forums to expand our knowledge and
to access the global nature of our business.

Name: Michael Chapman
Email: @2intally
Address: 2724 N Whitney Dr. Tallahassee FL 32308

Been on for a while but I am just now getting back on after our
move from Kansas City to Tallahassee Florida.

Welcome, Michael, to the Orchid forum and to Florida. If you
don’t already know, there is a chapter of the Florida Society of
Goldsmiths in Tallahassee - you might be interested in joining.
If so, please contact Sandi Jones (904) 656-1148 or 644-7589
regarding meeting times and places. Again, welcome and hope you
enjoy this list!! Gini in Belleair Bluffs, Fl. (that’s by