Introducing - Mervyn Perea

Name: Mervyn Perea
Email: @mervynp
Address: 1606-4288 Grange Street Burnaby B.C V5H 1P2

Hi everybody, I am Mervyn Perera who migrated to Canada fro Sri
Lanka and residing in Vancouver for the last 2 months I am hoping
to start take cutting orders for my company in Sri Lanka as well as
selling Sri lankan genuine gems in Canada and USA.

Until I open my web-site you may email me if you have any
requests. I a a partner of D.B.Enterprises in Sri Lanka which is a
well known cutting factory.

I am planning to import Sapphires (white,Blue,Pink) and
Alexandrite cat’s eye and Alexandrite. White sapphire will be in
calibrated sizes.