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Introducing - Maxim Persson

Maxim Persson
Stockholm, Sweden

Hi! My Name is Maxim, I am 31 yers old. I live in the capital of
Sweden, Stockholm. I have been working with silver for about seven
yers. I have no formal education in this area, so i have taught my
self by books, imagination and “trail and error”, and of course with
the help of this great site!

My main interests are enammeling and tool making (I have some
blacksithing and wood craft skills). My work consists mainly of
rings and pendants, made of sterling, with enammel or set stones.

I am aiming to start my own company by the start of the next year,
and to make silversmithing my main income in five years. In order to
pay my bills and make a living I am currently working as a craft
teacher in an elementary school. My single moast expensive tool is
the “super bending tool” by PePe, and I love it a very much. Tools
are very expensive in Sweden and the retailers are wery few, so i
spend a lot of time building tools or adapting tools made for other

Well, this must be it for now. I have a bus to catch. Bye!