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Introducing - Matthew Gross

Matthew Gross
mhg jewelry studio
Berkley, MI. USA

i have been in the jewelry industry since the age of 14 when i took
an apprentiship. i started my own jewelry business out of my mom
basement when i was 16 designing jewelry for all her friends. after
high school i went out to GIA in Santa Monica in 1992 were i earned
my GG.after GIA i studied with the ISA in NY and Chicago, then i took
my first “suit job” at Jewelry By Jose Grant (the puzzle man) in
Stanford Connecticut appraising and designing jewelry for his
clients. after about a year there i decided to move back to Michigan
were i was from and took a position with a local jeweler for about
four years. after my first son was born i decided this was enough of
working for someone else and i opened my first “real” store front
studio in Berkley Michigan. i was in that location for five years,
then i moved to a bit larger location six blocks away and this is
were i will be until the retirement home. i specialize in redesigning
and restoration of jewelry (basicly we do all the work that know one
else around here wants to do and we enjoy it). to see more of me and
my studio goto


Hello Matthew,

Enjoyed your website. Cool designs. The description of remaking old
jewelry into a new design is a great idea.

Judy in Kansas