Introducing - marty whipple

Name: marty whipple
Email: @whipplewrks
Address: 231 shellpoint road east
maitland, fl 32751

i am more an assemblist than a silversmith. i do not work in
gold but, use silver and found objects… we do 10 to 15 fine art
shows per year and work with galleries.

we live in central florida and have a home and studio in north

the work is soldered and bolted with screws. i produce pins,
bracelets, necklaces, rings and pill boxes.

i am happy about finding this connection and looking forward to
to increasing my knowledge about the work i do.

Marty - welcome to this list. Everyone is extremely generous
with their knowledge and advice. You will love it! I am
somewhat familiar with your work. Have you considered joining
Fl. Society of Goldsmiths - might be a nice networking
connection for you. Contact me offline for more info if you are
interested. Gini Rollins, Exec. Dir., FSG