Introducing - Marrin T. Fleet

Name: Marrin T. Fleet
Address: 3722 Huntingdon Lane Memphis, TN 38111

I am a very private person, so please excuse the brevity here!

I have an academic and practical background in theatrical
design, and radio/tv/film production, both of which I have
abandoned. My present occupation is in the computer field, which
I find very much less than rewarding, creatively. I have been on
the fringes of blacksmithing for about 10 years, and have found
metal working quite rewarding. I began working with other
metals, particularly silver, in an adult education class at the
Memphis College of Art, seeking to broaden my experience with
metals. The working of silver has subsequently become my
primary, but not exclusive, interest. I am exploring your site
to learn more about working with precious metals, and to ‘meet’
others with similar interest.