Introducing - Mark Liccini

Name: Mark Liccini
Email: @Mark_Liccini1

Very happy to see the Orchid Digest coming again.Certainly the finest list
on the Net. And rightfully popular,so not one I could deal with on the open
mailing.Hope I still have a friend or two who remembers my participation
before.I am Mark Liccini Graduate of Gemmological Association of Great
Briton,and Columbia School of Gemology(Washington,DC).I am
semi-retired,but in my heyday I was member of Jeweler’s Board of
Trade,American Gem Trade Association,Manufactuer Jewelers and Silversmiths
of America.My past adventures have included Lapidary factories I owned in
U.S.and Brazil my second home.Once I had a full blown German automatic
cutting machines running successfully in Annopolis,Md.Gemstone business has
been my life for 30 years,these days,my good luck,I am a successful
importer of roughs from Brazil.If you are curious about me,please visit my
website and here is a URL of the roughs I bought just last week I consider myself an
expert as regards to Gemstone Enhancements,particularly the irradiation and
heat treatments.I am a good Lapidary,and shy myself to enter,but have
taught some of the top contest winners.These days I am swinging the German
hammers to cobb my roughs as flawless as possible.I am pleased to field
questions in my area of expertise. Mark Liccini

Hi Mark, Welcome back to Orchid! You’ve been absent too loooong. Your stone
& treatment expertise will be a real boon to Orchid! Again, welcome back!
Dave Arens

Mark, Welcome back to Orchid! The advice you gave me many months ago on the
treatment of Carnelian to improve color was excellent and deeply
appreciated. I look forward to reading your future posts! -Peter Steiner-
Buffalo, New York, USA