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Introducing - Marie Brunstein

Name: Marie Brunstein
Email: @marie
Address: 249 N. Brand Blvd., #548 Glendale, CA 91203

I design and make one-of-a-kind costume jewelry that I wholesale
primarily to clothing boutiques. I custom design for each store
to match their look and feel.

Several years ago, my husband encouraged me to quit a job that I
loathed, and I began to make jewelry for fun. It turned out
that I had a talent, and with encouragement from my husband and
friends, I began making it to sell. It was pretty bad, what I
call my “Glue gun days.” I did flea markets and shows. However,
forever curious, I bought books, went to classes, and got better.
I found my niche (the boutiques) and now my designs are
well-liked by my customers, and my pieces stay together.

I work harder than I ever have in my life, and cannot imagine
ever doing anything else. Fortunately, I am free to design
because my husband is now retired and takes care of all those
nitty-gritty business details that I hate.

I am doing something that I love and I am reasonably well
established around Los Angeles. Life doesn’t get any better.