Introducing - Margot Grummon

Name: Margot Grummon
Email: @prycelessg
Address: 2081 Youngs Rd, Vass, NC 28394

I’m a Goldsmith here in North Carolina and have been working from
my studio doing custom work for clients as well as working on my
own designs that have been and continue to be marketed in the
national marketplace. Besides working in my studio I have been
teaching metalsmithing in the loacal community college where I
started to learn my craft. Two years of study at the art students
league in NYC and a very patient teacher headed me off on this
route to happiness.

Name: Margot Grummon
Email: @prycelessg
Address: 2081 Youngs Rd Vass, NC 28394

Hi everyone, I seem to have developed a glitch in the mailing
list so have re-signed up. either that or all mailings have ceased
and I hadn’t heard it was going to happen. Anyway, HI!