Introducing - Margie Mandelblatt

Name: Margie Mandelblatt
Address: 12439 Magnolia Blvd., #273 North Hollywood, CA 91607

I am a rank beginner who has had one six-week course in chain
making (mostly what the instructor called Turkish chains). From
that class I’ve become completely hooked, am having a blast,
have bought tremendous amounts of supplies and have made more
feet of Turkish chains than I’d like to think about. I’m ready to
learn how to do the next thing. So I’ve been clipping chain
patters from jewelry catalogs, but am having trouble copying some
of them. (Some, I’m sure, can’t be done by hand, or can’t be done
easily.) And I’m also sure there is more out there for me to
learn besides chain making. This looked like a good place to
start my education.