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Introducing - Marcus Amshoff


Name: Marcus Amshoff
Email: @marcus1a
Address: 367 Moretti Ln
Milpitas Ca 95035-4639

Jeweler for 27yrs. Specializing in 1 of a kind 18kt and
platinum jewelry. All types of stone setting, fabrication and
casting including platinum. For fun I create vessels and
containors in copper & silver. Primarily with hydraulic die
forming & some small scale spinning. Additional pieces added
include wood and stone inlay. Lapidary experience for 33yrs. I
teach beginning jewelry thru advanced fabrication, casting,
stone setting and gemstone carving. Emphasizing the developement
process of the jeweler. The ability to know and see what is
happening on the very small details in the process. Leaving no
detail unattended. Always looking at the sequence of work and the
results(mistakes are they correctable? or not.) Questions

Marcus Amshoff