Introducing - Manoj Gupta

Name: Manoj Gupta
Email: @emgupta
Address: Touchstone Gems & Jewellery India Pvt Ltd
24 Community Centre, East Of Kailash, New Delhi - 110 065

I am basically a jeweller and gemologist having my casting
workshop and gem testing laboratory in NOIDA (Delhi). I do job work
in casting as well as hand make one of a kind jewellery. I work
both in Gold (10K to 22K) & Silver (40% to 92.5).

I also have a number of gold artisans (we call them “karigars” in
India) with me in Delhi , Bombay and Calcutta, through whom I
design and make hand made one of a kind 14K to 22K studded gold
jewelry. Hence I do both casted as well as one of a kind custom
designed hand made jewelry.

India has tremendous talent and we have many styles of jewelry
here as well as many different communities of artisans executing
those different techniques and styles of jewelry making here. For
example we have a filigree style of jewellery and that is made from
a certain community only from the Indian state of Orissa. Then we
have a style of jewellery called “Kundan” and that is made only
from a certain community in the state of Rajasthan. The style made
by people from the state of Bengal in India too is totally
different. We also have a certain distinctive style which I call a
"mugal" style. I basically either employ or give job work to the
good workers in these different styles or keep going to these
different places and try and combine these different styles in a
sort of mix and match. I try to create jewelry that is a little
different but totally Indian or Oriental in style.

Because of this tremendous talent available here almost all
casters in India get their masters hand made directly in metal
instead of wax, no matter how complicated the design.

At present I have taken out a wide variety of styles studded with
pearls and other colored stones and mass produced them in 60% gold
plated silver for the local Retail Market in India. I try to do
jewelry that is labour intensive and that cannot be produced easily
by machines. Why 60% Silver ? That is because that is what is
affordable by the masses in India. I wish to just produce beautiful
jewelry that can be worn by anyone just for the beauty of it not
because of the price. However this is my present project.

I love to experiment in new things like how to set stones by
"Plating". Has anyone tried that ?

I am overjoyed that there is Forum for Jewellers and Gemologists
like this one. Please could someone tell me if there are any more
sites like this.

I am interested in joint ventures. Any one interested ?

My E-mail is @emgupta.

Manoj Gupta.