Introducing - M.S. Epstein

Name: M.S. Epstein
Email: @margeryjewelryart
Address: 218 S. Martel Av.
Los Angeles CA 90036

I am a jewelry artist and designer with an inter- national
following. I have been in this profession for almost 17 years.
My background includes an education in all aspects of costume
history, ethnic cultures, and costume design. Prior to
concentrating on jewelry, I designed costumes for theatre, T.V.,
and film. I am privileged to include a number of celebrities in
my client list. I am deeply interested in the symbolism, history,
and/or mythology associated with the elements, stones, and
materials I collect and incorporate into my designs.

Welcome to Orchid- Where can we see some of your work? Also, I
too, am interested in the symbolism of materials. Can you
recommend any good books on the topic? I hope you enjoy our
group. - Deb in Illinois

Hello Marg:

I was pleased to see your e-mail note on Orchid. I am a gradute
gemologist who has 15 years of experience cutting fancy, unique
and very unusual I have over 4,000 designs on computer
which can be manipulated, ie, length/ width ratio, crown height,
etc. I specialize in stones that are faceted on the table like a
checkerboard with facets shaped as square, retangular, diamond,
hexigon, triangular and pentagular. If you have an interest or
need for this uniqueness in your designs please feel free to
contact me. In any event, welcome to Orchid. Ed Katz, G.G