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Introducing - Lori Kovash [work out of my home]


I am an artist that works out of my home. I am interested
in learning more about how to run this business successfully out
of my home. I would love to talk with other artists who work
with metal and jewerly and have experiences that they would like
to share with me.

Hi Lori

I work out of my home too. I have used the book Small Time Operator
by Bernard Kamoroff, to help me set up my accounting and such. I feel
pretty competent about $ now and I don’t have any sort of retailing
background. I keep current on the practical aspects of retailing and
wholesaling with the “Crafts Report” and my local guild newsletter.
The ArtMetal mailing list is a great source of Technical info and is a
very warm community-- helps me break my working-at-home isolation.

Welcome to Orchid. I’m sure you will find many people to share
experiences with you here.

-ieva swanson