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Introducing - Lola W. Eggleton

Name: Lola W. Eggleton
Email: @CajunLola
Address: PO Box 117 Trenton, OH 45067

This was suggested to me by an existing member of this forum who
deals in jewlery on a commercial basis and for whom I may become
a picker. I am just beginning and have a lot of homework to do to
catch up with even the least knowledgeable of the forum. If
anyone would like to send e-mail to me regarding what books or
web sites they have found most helpful for education, I would
appreciate it and I promise to answer each one. Thank you for
providing this forum. I can see it will be a great resource.

On a personal level, I do live in SW Ohio, between Dayton and
Cincinnati. This area is rich in antiques - flea markets with
both professional dealers and less-experienced people, estate
sales, and antique malls. I am from the Gulf Coast, Pensacola to
west of New Orleans and love my trips there where I do visit the
antique shops/malls and flea markets as much as possible. I have
a group of friends all over the country who have similar
connections and have helped me with my collections of Fenton,
Hull, and other glassware (I adore glass clippers) as well as
collections of steins, high quality sci-fi collectibles (even
some great jewelry), ginger jars, cookboks, Native American
artifacts (the real things with permission of the tribal nations
involved as well as reproductions), masls (everyting from African
originals to Mardi Gras), and yes, my house is in the process of
being remodelled to accomodate this hobby. I love to travel but
am somewhat restricted due to physical problems, cook, write (I
have published a little), and, my favorite thing, help other
people add to the things they collect. With much free time, I
have time to research or search for things that others who are
busier simply do not have the time to do and am happy to help.

I am very excited about jewelry, thanks to the friend who
introduced me here. Besides collecting, I have always had an
interst in design but lacked the knowledge that would allow me to
put designs into reality. I especially like Art Deco, all
Vicotrian, and Art Nouveau periods pieces and, while I tend to
collect almost anything, I actually wear the pins (especially any
kind of cameo or composite) and earrings.

Please feel free to check out my aol profile. (I believe the
address is something like I
look forward to hearing from many people and know I will learn
much from all of the members of this forum.