Introducing - Lira Skylar

Name: Lira Skylar
Email: @mak3000

Hi all!

My name Lira. I’ve been working with jewelry since I was a
child–it’s almost an instinctive outlet for my creative
impulses. I have also been fascinated with especially
"semi"-precious (I don’t find any gem is semi-precious–they are
all equally important, just different in their energies and
qualities). I sort of stumbled upon this site and all I can say
is WOW! I had no idea I could find this kind of thing on the

Right now, I’m looking specifically for suggestions on how I
might best design and create a headband using a single quartz
crystal–designing it such that the crystal is situated between
my eyes (at the 3rd eye chakra, for those familiar with the
concept of chakras)…Is there a site out there that talks about