Introducing - Linki van Zyl

Name: linki van zyl
Email: @Lientjie_van_Zyl
Address: Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been receiving the mailing list for a while and enjoys it
immensely ! I am a qualified goldsmith, and currently busy with
my Higher Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design. I did
my research article on well known artists who also designed
jewelley (Salvador Dali , Alexander Calder etc. - finished it
last year - now busy with design and practical work) I studied
Fine Arts before (luckily) getting caught up in the jewellery
world and found that jewellery was the ideal medium through
which I could express my artistic creativity.My art background
helped me to be a finalist (3 times) in the Jewellex collection
awards design competition (Organized by the Jewellery Coucil of
South Africa.) I am also the other half of a small workshop
where we create “one-of-a-kind” jewellery pieces.

actually very shy !!!

Linki, with the people on Orchid, you don’t have to be
shy…they are the most hepful, patient, resourceful group I’ve
ever encountered, and I’ve been around a couple of blocks!
Welcome, and don’t be afraid to ask/contribute. Sharon Holt