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Introducing - Linda Sandelin

Name: Linda Sandelin
Email: @sandelin
Address: 214 N. Dora Street Ukiah, Ca. 95482

Hello! I want to thank all the jewelers who so generously share
their excitement and knowledge of jewelry. My name is Linda
Sandelin and I live and work in Ukiah, Ca. I have a small studio
from which I work, along with one other jeweler friend. We share
space in the Hoyman,Browe Studios,very accomplished potters.I am
a self-taught jeweler, working in silver primarily, but also
dibble-dabble in ceramics,brass,gold,beads,lapidary,enameling.
So, now you can see why I am so excited to find Orchid. I am
trying out my Gy-rock vibrator for the first time, as we speak.
A Lapidary friend gave me a formula of 1 part Tide to 1 part
60-90 for 2 weeks. That’s it, no changing grits, the theory
being the grit itself will break down to finer and finer and,
well you get the picture. If anyone can comment on their
experiences, I would appreciate it.