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Introducing - Linda Moughemer

Orchid members

I participated in posts last spring for a very short time but
had to unsubscribe to move my whole classroom to a new facility
and get some of my own work done. A personal introduction is
probably long overdue. A recent inadvertent post (intended as an
off list e-mail), now that I have again subscribed, may make this
introduction seem superfluous .

I live in central or upstate NY (depending on where you live in
NY. The rest of the universe doesn’t make the distinction).
Currently I work as a high school Art teacher but have also
taught at the college and adult ed. level. I do custom designs
in silver and gold and sell work at a few craft fairs. Formal
training includes Penn State for education (undergraduate) and
Rochester Institute of Technology (Masters in Metals). I
started making jewelry again last year after almost a four year
hiatus and have greatly benefited from the posts on Orchid. Many
thanks to all.

Hi Linda:

Welcome to Orchid. This greeting may be a bit belated, but as
I’m sure you know, Orchid is a wealth of It was
nice of you to give us some background on your jewelry-making

Good luck,

Don Schmall
Aristocratic Gemstones and Jewelry