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hello, my name is Lily. I am a sixteen year old girl who is VERY
interrested in the jewlery profession. I have already completed
my first class in jewlery creation and am starting to piece
together a workshop in my basement. I am very new to this feild
and am looking forward to all of your help and advice.

Hi Lilly,

You are lucky to have such a strong interest at your age and the
ability to start putting together a studio. I’m a little older
(all right, a lot older) but I still remember my mother being
agrivated at my gift lists for Christmas and birthdays. I did
find this a good way to get equipment. However, it is often
better to receive the money and that way you will have what you
needed. It’s hard for a non jewelry person to make informed
choices. Of course you can always give them a marked catalog such
as Rio. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Marilyn Smith

Hi Lily, My name is Marc Williams. I think it is great that you
are as driven as you are towards the idea of becoming a
jeweler… It is a great feild to be in… Think about it… How
many people do you know that actually do what they truley enjoy
doing, and actually get paid for it… I think I am very lucky
when it comes to this… I started in the jewelry industry when
I was 18 years old. Now I am 26 and I love it more every day…
The amount of time you dedicate to being good at what you do, is
really going to benefit you in the long run. When I decided to
become a jeweler I was fortunate enough to be (for lack of a
better term) thrown into the fire… I started out in a jewelry
store the has been in business for 108 years. Now I have my own
business and I still do all of that store’s custom work… After
a few years of doing just bench work, i.e. I started designing
and casting my own peices… I have built a good name for myself
in only 8 short years… If you put your mind to it you can do
anything you want… The most valuble peice of advise I can give
you is: Don not limit yourself to what someone is showing you…
Expand your own skills by trying things you normally wouldn’t
try… (of course don’t try it on a customers peice) but none the
less try things you might not otherwise try. Exeriment with
different techniques and develope your own style… This is a job
that really does let you have your own style… That is
important… (or so I beleive) You may come across some people
who might not want to show you what they know… Expect this and
look past it and find a way to learn on your own… I know this
from experience… Maybee it only this way in my area of the
country, but in general this is life in our feild… that is why
they call them “trade secrets”…LOL . Anyway good luck and any
time you need advice this is the place to get it…(ORCHID)…
And feel free to e-mail me at "". Don’t ever let
anybody tell you that you are not ready to learn

Marc Williams…

Hi Lily, My name is Marc Williams.

Wow Marc, a really nice letter, and echoed, I think by us all.


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Charles, Thanks for the nice words… I do know how it is to be
shunned when it comes to learning (or being instructed…) I was
an apprentice of sorts under a guy who refused to teach me
because I was learning faster than he expected… So I know how it
feels and it isn’t very nice… Thanks again Marc