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Introducing - Laura S. Voigt

Name: Laura S. Voigt
Address: 63 Brooklyn Rd.
Stanhope, NJ 07874-2866

I have interested in all facets of stone collecting since I was a
child, many years ago. At same time my father had a hobby of
silver work and did some fine work. After I left home for
college, Dad got into lapidary. Now that he is long gone, I was
given his jewelery equipment. I would be interested in doing
something with this. And I have picked up a few nice stones here
and there. Also I took a little instruction at Fundy National
Park in making a bezel, after attending university summer
classes in that area, 1967-1968. Now I see this wonderful gem
and jewelery auctions 1-6 a.m. on TV from Tennessee, it really
wets my interest. I have other hobbies too, fiber arts, nature
photography (my major was Natural History). I am really lucky
to come upon this wonderful text book by Mr. Brain on the Web.
Laura Voigt