Introducing - Laura Hiserote

Name: Laura Hiserote
Email: @hiserote
Address: Vancouver, WA

Wow! Orchid! What a great find! I have been a student at
Oregon College of Art and Craft for the past three years. I am a
member of SNAG and the librarian for the Creative Metal Arts
Guild of Oregon. I will create full-time from my own studio (in
my barn) when I can quit the job that supports my tool buying
habit. I am truly hooked and can’t see doing anything else for
the rest of my life. Can’t wait to communicate . . . type to you
soon :slight_smile:

Laura, This is the place to get all the help you want… welcome
aboard… That tool buying habit will never end, by the way…
LOL (laughing out loud)… anyway this Orchid service is great…
sometimes I just sit back and read what other people know or have
experienced… You will learn alot about alot…!!!don’t be
afraid to ask questions… By the way how old are you if you
don’t mind me asking…??? Stay tuned to Orchid… Marc