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Introducing - Larry Crum

Name: Larry Crum
Email: @lzrrd
Address: 7376 s. 1300 w. West Jordan, Ut.84084

I have been working with metals for about 5 yrs. Making jewelry,
working with wax’s. I mainly cast, in gold for solid opals.
Mostly black opals, just because of the pleople I have met and
what deals are out there. I finish my own stones, carve some. I
do a lot of stand alone carvings, mainly in mexican rainbow
obsidian (pendant pieces). My “trademark” piece is an opal stone
pendant with a Geckko holding onto the outside, back half of the
stone. Pendant piece mostly but I have been recieving enough
interest in it as a silver earring with semi precious stones
(jade, turqouise, etc.) that I may be going that way in the near