Introducing - Kemp LaMunyon

Name: Kemp LaMunyon
Email: @treasure

HI all. I am fairly new to rockhounding, Gems, Minerals ect ect.
I found that at an early age I loved rocks but everyday life as I
got older took presedence over the rocks. Now that I am going
through my second childhood I figured I could safely get this one
by the wife…he he…Now she is a hound also…the boy he is still
thinking on it…verdict not in but I think he is going to be a
find one also…We are letting him go his own pace. Anyway I am
getting into cabs, and free forms with jasper, agate, and will be
attempting a cab with Amethyst and one with corundum in the very
near future. Tried opal once and thought I should wait till I get
some more experience…he he…Messed it up in a heart beat… Well
that about covers our history.