Introducing - Keith Wyman

Name: Keith Wyman
Email: @Keith_Wyman

I enjoy a bit of silver work, stone work, and jewelry repair –
all on the side. I got to orchid by trying to find Mark
Luccini’s home page (yep, got there without a problem). I’ll be
a lurker, mostly, but really appreciate the wealth of
passed around. Will help out where I can.

Name: Keith Wyman
Email: @Keith_Wyman
Address: Washington State

My main interest is faceting but I’m beginning to think that
there’s got to be a better place for some of my stones than the
round plastic houses they presently live in. I’ve done a bit of
silversmithing a long time ago and may want to start up again.


So glad to see you join orchid!! You will feel very at home
here, as the whole Orchid family is very welcoming and always
ready to offer excellent suggestions. Looking forward to seeing
your posts buddy!

Heather Sickler
Intrica Fine Jewelry