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Introducing - Kathy

Name: Kathy
Email: @SwingRing

I am new to the jewelry business, but not new to business. I am in
the midst of a startup operation to retail rings within a specific
market segment. Am presently only hoping to soak up information
from all of you… Thanks Kathy

 Next year  I plan to go to University to do a Bachelor of
Arts. I must be mad to  want to go back to school again. 

Kathy - You are absolutely mad, but it’s wonderful fun!! I
started taking jewellry classes at the arts school two years
after my daughter was born and during the middle of my first of
3 corporate mergers at the bank I worked for - I knew I had
already lost my mind, but figured I needed something to add
sanity (?). It has been wonderful. You will love this list - so
much here !

Laura Wiesler