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Introducing - Kathy Linder

I am just getting in to jewelry making as a hobby. I have done
stained glass for years and want to try my hand at something more
challenging. So far, I have done a little bead work but want to
explore other techniques.

I have been an Orchid observer for a couple of months now and
have found much of the interaction very informative. I was
wondering if anyone could give me on the book
Jewelry Concepts and Technology, by Oppi Untracht. Is it worth
the investment?

find the techniques in that book a little complicated to follow
for the beginner. I recommend the manual and /or videos by Tim
McCreight to my apprentices. Another idea is to suscribe to
Lapidary Journal. They have many easy to follow projects in the
back of the magazine.

Wendy Newman at @Wendy_Newman

Yes !!! The Oppi book is well worth the investment.Sort of like
the joy of cooking for metalsmiths.Go for it! Have fun,S.Bradley

Hi and Welcome Kathy,

We’re all learning so join the fun. The Oppi book is a fine book
but is quite expensive . I would suggest books such as “The
Complete Metalsmith” and “Metals Technic"by Tim McCreight,
and"Jewelry Contempory Design and Technique” by Chuch Evans.
Syliva Wicks had a nice one out a few years ago but I forget the
name of it. Magazines such as “Ornament”, “Metalsmith,” and
"Lapidary Journal" are good for inspiration. Marilyn Smith