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Introducing - K. David Woolley

K. David Woolley
Fredericton, New Brunswick

An Applied Arts Graduate from the Univeristy of New Brunswick (a
split program with the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design), I
have enjoyed the leisure to study three years of jewellery/metal art,
the last year covering a hybrid silvermsithing/goldsmithing technique
from Patrick Perry … trained silvermsiths are woefully in short
supply and the NBCCD is proud to host two of them, the aforementioned
and Bridgette Clavette. I enjoy the skill required for what some may
call fussy work, and due to my lack of sculpting ability I am drawn
to geometric designs (as opposed to the more organic).

I plan to open a studio now that school is done near or in the
Moncton area, producing jewellery while expanding my skills and
increasing my confidence, and striving to develop an artistic
identity over the next decade or so.

I have an interest in the welding course offered by the NBCC-Moncton
to expand my medium more fully into metal. Our arc-torch work for
cutting and welding was inadequate to feel compfortable working in
the medium, and brazing was barely covered. I think this endeavour in
newly acquired skills would be of benefit to me. I would branch into
practical items of aethetic appeal (be they bed frames, coffee table,
entertainment stands, etc) while developing a sculptural reportoire.

Just at the start of my career, but I am excited and keen.

I am, Sincerely Yours,
K. David Woolley