Introducing - Jurgen J. Maerz

Name: Jurgen J. Maerz
Email: @Magickal

Manager of Technical Education, Platinum Guild International USA
If you have any qustions about working with Platinum don’t
hesitate to call on me. PGI also operate a Technical Hotline at
714 760-8882

I am Director of Technical Education for Platinum Guild
International. I have been a member of Orchid in the past, and I am
pleased to join once more to answer and discuss Platinum issues here
in this fine forum.


HI, I am from Viet Nam. I am looking for a good resoures of making Platinum. So, a person introduced me about the book The Platinum Bench. I am lucky that founded the author on this forum. Can you give one because i can not get it on Amazon. thanks !


Since the post by the author was 17 years ago, I looked up the book through my favorite used book site:

If you enter the title, two instances of the book come up – both very expensive. Interestingly, one is listed as being through Amazon, and when I click the link the book does come up.

However, when searching on Amazon itself, the book did not show up (at least on the first page of results).

You could also try looking it up on if you are near a large library.

Hope this helps.


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