Introducing - Juerg P. Muff

Dear colleagues & friends

Just a wee note from New Zealand to introduce myself and my work.

After a traditional goldsmithing apprenticeship in the early 8o’s I
have worked in studios in Switzerland, Australia & NZ. Living in a
touristy hotspot now, I have international clientele. My work is
design oriented, one-off fine custom made pieces. I do combine very
different techniques, from the reticulated metals to fine wire
assembly, add gems and pearls for colour and highlights.

My next step will be to exhibit some of my award winning work in
Amerika & Europe, probably twice a year or so. If you would like to
check out my work, please visit and send me a line
or two. I am very interested in your feedback.

However, being currently on a sabbatical which allows me to do
things like this, my reply might take a little while. Best wishes to

Juerg P. Muff
Award Winning Designs