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Introducing - Judy Stroup


Name: Judy Stroup
Email: @judystroup
Address: 6834 Metro Park Drive
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143-1513

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and have been making jewelry as a
hobby for about 6 years now. I use cabs, faceted stones,
sterling silver and a little gold. I LOVE making jewelry. My
husband plays on his computer and I play at my bench! I’ve
studied with many talented teachers and am grateful to each one.
I read lots of books about jewelrymaking and like reading the
Orchid Digest. It’s great to be around other jewelrymakers and
I appreciate learning from all of you. I look forward to being
part of your community!



Hi Judy,

I know we are at opposite ends of the state (I’m from
Cincinnati), but it’s nice to have another “neighbor” on the
Orchid list. You will find the list informative and fun and you
will always have email to read…

Perhaps you can share on the good shows in
Cleveland. There are only a few good ones here that aren’t in
the OAC book but I will be happy to share with you.



Hello Judy, I work for the Diamond Cellar in Columbus.I’ve been a
goldsmith for many years and have been here for almost 13.If you
are ever in the area,we would be happy to show you around the
store.We are 24,000 sq. feet of store and about 75 employees.We
have 18 goldsmiths and we do alot of custom work.

SCott Hepner