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Introducing - John Franklin

Name: John Franklin
Email: @jlfii
Address: 204 24th Street Spirit Lake, IA 51360

I make jewelry and do lapidary work as a hobby. About 5 years ago
I became interested jewelry. I bought a few books and some
materials. With a propane, disposable bottle, torch, I started
making chain. Using some of my blacksmithing skills I made some
stamps, daps and hammers. Bezel setting of stones for
southwestern style jewelry and tack conchos was my next big step.

Today, I fabricate silver and gold jewelry, using precious
stones, found objects, various finishes, and connectors. Every
time I sit down at my bench I learn something new. Currently I
am improving my skills at reticulation and am trying my hand at
carving wax models for lost wax castings.