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Introducing - John Christensen

Name: John Christensen
Email: @John_Christensen
Address: 7020 Douglas Ave., Suite E
Urbandale, Iowa 50322-3261

Greetings! I have had many references to this list through the
years, but have’n subscribed until now. I participate, although
not so recently, in dicussions on the
newsgroup. I own a designer Retail store in a suburb of Des
Moines, Iowa that makes pieces to order for my customers, as well
as my own designs. I placed Second last year in the IA Jeweler’s
association Design competition, and First this year. Just
starting to move towards more of my own pieces, instead of work
for those that retain my services.

I have been a bench jeweler for 17 years. In 1997, I finished 8
years of home study, between long work days, to get my G.G. from
GIA. I am also a member of the National Association of Jewelry

Over 2 years ago, when I started my web site, I convinced
Michael M. Dyber to let me represent his work on the Internet. I
will be meeting up with him in Tucson in Feb. Anyone else out
there Like to get together 4th - 6th?

I hope that I may contribute usefully to this list!

John Christensen, G.G., N.J.A. Gold Art Handmade Jewelry
World Internet Representative for Michael M. Dyber Gemstone Carvings @John_Christensen ICQ - 7228929
Urbandale (Des Moines), Iowa USA Ph 515-270-6063, Fax 515-251-2639