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Introducing - John Barton


Name: John Barton
Email: @jba8273032
Address: 813 Michelle Dr. Fort Worth,Texas 76140-4313

I’am a native american silversmith. I am a one man shop. Its name
is Images By JJ. I make only traditional jewelry, using only
traditional stones. I am always looking for better ways of doing
things; however, I use the tradional ways to fabricate my jewelry.


Hi John, Welcome to Orchid. Ok…I’ll bite…what do you mean
by, “traditional jewelry”, and “traditional ways”? Traditional
since 1600? 1860? 1920? 1940? 1970? You’re either making work
that is gometric and roughly modern, a la the late Charles
Loloma, or you’re making Hopi overlay, or the old pawn type of
stamp work, or we’re talking about hand drilled shells on
sinew… :slight_smile: Do tell…I’m such a curious old woman.

Lisa,(I now have a gaping hole in my bedroom wall, waiting for
some french doors that were a gift from a construction pal, to go
in. Wish it wasn’t freezing here) Topanga, CA USA


Welcome John. Do you have a web site, would love to see your
stuff. We are originally from Tulsa and still have quite a few
relatives in the Dallas area. Is the address for your shop or
home? We do not make it back that way often, but would love to
come see your jewelry when we are. We have been trying to find
someone in this area that still does things in the traditional
Native American way. Did you learn from Native craftsmen and
where? Thanks jb

J. Byers