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Introducing - John A. Henkel

Name: John A. Henkel
Email: @jahenkel
Address: J. A. Henkel Co., Inc. 14 Maine St. Brunswick, Maine 04011

Hello, My name is John. We have a jewelry casting and finishing
company in Maine. The J.A.Henkel Co.,Inc. We have been in business
for 11 years. I have been making jewelry (full time) for 21
years. We cast mostly designer and art jewelry. This includes a
lot of one of a kind carved waxes and a fair amount of quality
production work from dozens to thousands. We cast in all karats
and colors of gold, sterling, fine silver, silicon bronze, white
bronze, 18k paladium white gold, and some platinum. I also teach
workshops on the following:

Designing For Casting
Jewelry Mold Making
Beginers Casting
Intermediate Casting

We are members of the SNAG organization. We advertize in
Metalsmith magazine under the byline "Taming Of The Sprue"
Casting is sometimes thought of as a “photo copy” process and
casting in general seems to be the poor stepchild in the jewelry
art world. An artist usually considers casting when a little
success hits and the work piles up. “Can you cast this?”
…Well…yes…but… I have been criticized for my humorous but
arrogant statement “Nothing is impossible, just more expensive"
The fact remains that when you find someone saying
"Fast-Cheap-Quality” in the same sentence;…well as P.T.Barnum
said “There’s one born every minute”! We shoot for two out of
three. Donald Friedlich,on the board of SNAG, told me once "When I
need a cheap caster I go somewhere else,when I need a fast caster
I go somewhere else, when I need a good caster I come to you."
Thank you Don. We spend a lot of time on the phone (or e-mail)
with our customers and potential customers talking about their
needs. We are happy to share our knowledge and suggestions with
you. Let us know if we can help and or answer those burning
casting questions.