Introducing - jim richardson

Name: jim richardson
Email: @mrjmr56
Address: po.box48473
Athens GA 30604

I’ve been a jeweler for about 20 years.My start was in art
school in 1977, ok make that 22 years. I’ve done many different
types of jewelry work, from mass produced silver “indian” stuff
to pave’ work in gold I’ve also done my time in several repair
departments.I returned to school in 1992 for my masters in
metalsmithing. There I worked mostly in silver, doing larger
raised and forged pieces.My objective was to be a jewelry
instructor, this has yet to happen as I’m usually too buisy
making a living on commissions and repairs. I had an apprentice
which soured me on that aspect of teaching. He was a total lying
weasel and still owes me lots of money…don’t get me started. I
try to stay current with the field. I read everything I can get
on metalsmithing.I’ve only had a computer for 6 months.