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Introducing - Jesse Kaufman


Name: Jesse Kaufman
Email: @Jesse_Kaufman
Address: 34 Bretton Road
West Hartford, CT 06119


I’ve been a goldsmith in the Hartford area of CT for about 15
yrs, working as a bench jeweler in custom design retail stores.

Due to hand and arm related problems, I’ve been on the side
lines recently.The CTS has subsided, but the epicondylitis in my
left elbow has been persistant for about 2 yrs.

I’ve been working at home, doing subcontract work for other
jewelers, on a limited basis. I am hesitant to go back to full
time at this point, sort of like putting my hand back in the
fire…and expecting not to get burned.

Workmans compensation isn’t cutting it, I’d like to get back to
work! I’ve gotten physical therapy, do some yoga and I’ve had
iontoferisis treatments.Now steroid injections seem to be the
next course of action.

I’ve just ordered the benchmate tool and a bench pin apparatus
which holds sheet metal using a clamping system… I’m hoping it
will make a difference.

The you folks have contributed thus far has been of
great help.I would appreciate any other thoughts, advice or
suggestions regarding the epicondylitis.

This site is truly an invaluable source of connection and
Thanks to everyone in advance!

Jesse Kaufman