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Introducing - Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith
Anvils and Ink Studios
Westerville, Ohio. USA.

I do many things with metal, I make Mokume Gane, Damascus, and other
laminates of metals. I do basic casting of metals, and machine other
metals in to the desired shapes and forms. I facet my own stones as
well as import many of them thru companies and friends around the

We are more famous for our community art work project, but me make
many things during the winter months to sell, so we can do these
community projects during the summer months, with out cost to the
community and we try very hard to get the people of the community
involved, so they truly have a piece of they’res in this project.

We have a studio cat, his name is Sam, his almost 8 years of life
has many long adventures in those years, but that is for another

I used to be an academic, so I have brought my grant writing skils
with me and have received several grants for equipment during the
last few years.

I basically do what I do to make people smile.