Introducing - Jerry Davis

Name: Jerry Davis
Email: @jde
Address: Rt 1 Box 64 Rising Star, TX 76471 USA

I am a retired science and computer instructor. I currently
sell accounts and do technical writing for an internet service.
I own and manage a cattle ranch. My other interests include
being a member of the Central Texas Gem and Mineral Society.
Myself and other interested silversmiths have joined to form a
group called The Red Gap Silver Mine. We mostly hand craft
silver pieces using silver coins and make small ID Charms, key
chain and necklace type pieces. We like to make custom pieces
while the customers are watching the process. We like to
explain the craft as we build the pieces. Silversmithing is part
time work for us as we all have other jobs. We enjoy the work we
do and expecially if we work fairs where children will line up
to have something made for them or their friends.