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Introducing - jennifer peterson

Name: jennifer peterson
Email: @poverini
Address: 375 moseley st elgin, IL 60123

I am a graduate student and parttime jewelry instructor at two
community colleges. I may have questions to ask the group given
by my students which I cannot answer. I hope to do several
juried shows in 1999.

Asian universities are teaching students how to design and
manufacture jewelry using Jewelcad and the Sanders ModelMaker.
MJSA plans to put Jewelcad and the Sanders ModelMaker in 4
locations around the USA. Perhaps you should contact MJSA and
find out if your students can visit the center.

Designing jewelry with a computer is nothing new in the jewelry
industry, it’s been a secret.

Contact me and I’ll get you a demo disk for Jewelcad, try it
you’ll love it.

Hi Jen, Nice to see you on Orchid…you are in good company as you
make at least the fourth person on Orchid that has worked at NIU
with Lee.

Karen Seymour-Ells