Introducing - Jeffrey Everett

HI all

I used to be a regular on this list up until about 1998 or so. I
left the list because of an increased work load. Some here may
remember me, as I was a prolific poster.

I’ve been working at the bench since 1971 and have worked in all
phases of the business, with specialties in fabrication and setting,
but have LOTS of experience with waxing, casting etc…

For the last 10 years I’ve become heavily invested into CAD/CAM, 3
axis milling, and Rapid Prototyping, which I believe represents a
large part of the future for this industry. Just in case you’d like
to know what programs I use, I use Rhino for my 3D design program,
and VisualMill for my milling program.

I’m interested in joining into discussions about the above.

Best regards to all
Jeffrey Everett

** Hanuman’s Resopnse - Welcome back Jeffrey! **

Jeffrey, Where did you get Rhino? I’m looking to get a good deal on
the software and was wondering if you knew any good sources. Or
anyone else, for that matter!

Welcome back,

I bought it from Off Broadway Andrew Werby also sells it
at a discount

I might mention that the cost of the software is almost nothing
compared to the time you will spend learning it, and the money you
can make from it, that is if you use it seriously… :slight_smile:

Jeffrey Everett

I’m not Jeffrey, but I do sell Rhino at a considerable discount.
Feel free to ask me questions about it, on or off list.

Andrew Werby