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Introducing - Jeff Booth

Address: 152 Warner DriveOakville, OntarioCanadaL6L 6G7

Hi folks. I’m just getting into jewelry making as a hobby. My
interest extends out of nearly 20 years of precision, miniature
machining where I have used small, industrial casting processes.
Jewelry work, however, is a quantum leap down in size for me. Have
pretty well everything I need, except the vacuum caster, which I’m
currently making with the help of a large refrigeration
compressor. I’m signing up to look over some of the conversations
and pick up on tips of the trade.Cheers Jeff Booth

Name: Jeff Booth
Email: @jbooth
Address: 152 Warner DriveOakville, Ontario CANADA L6L 6G7

Hi folks: I’m just logging on again after having some link problems
to Orchid. I think they were at my end.Anyhow, glad to be back. I
appreciate all of the effort by Dr. Aspler and you folks in making this
cyber forum work for all of us. Orchid is an example of why University of
Toronto professor Marshall MacLuhan, and communications guru, coined the
expressesion “the global village” back in the '60s. I have a small company
(not jewellery) that is setting up to manufacture small parts through
jewellery-making processes. Company is just over a year old. I’m just
now trying to plan how to make a custom-sized and shaped burn-out oven and
vacuum caster. If anybody has any suggestions, I certainly welcome them
and appreciate them. Best regards Jeff Booth Oakville, Ontario Canada