Introducing - Janis Y. Lorraine

Janis Y. Lorraine
Orlando, Florida. USA

I work in sterling silver and semiprecious gemstones and PMC. I
have a PMC Certification through Rio Grande.

I converted my guest room to a studio Cuts down on company staying

I aspire to make a living with jewelry so that I can “retire” from my
day job - development manager for a banking software company.

Janis Y. Lorraine and all!!!

Janis Y. Lorraine
Orlando, Florida. USA

One of the many series of seminars from the “Bench” magazine, will
be held in Orlando, Fla. This will occur on the September 3rd
(week-end) at the Clarion Conference Center. I will be there giving
two, 90 minutes seminars on Pave and Cut *n Bead…Try and be there,
its gonna be loads of fun and learning. My “Manual of Diamond
Setting” will be available too…!

“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”