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Introducing - Janet Cevelin

Janet Cevelin
Marietta, SC. USA

I am a 22-year-young mother/wife/college student (majoring in
Radiology) and life-long artist. I have worked with many mediums as
of yet, but none have brought me the pleasure that I get out of
constructing with metals and stones. I am happy to announce that I
have finally acquired the equipment I have always wanted! I am so
excited! As for metalworking experience, I took a metal-working
class in high school by attending the Fine Arts Center of Greenville
SC. I have also been pseudo-apprenticed on bench skills at Karat Plus
of Haywood Mall in Greenville. I have a wonderfully large portfolio
of 3D artworks, though mostly sculpted in terra cotta and stoneware
clays… and though I enjoy clay immensely, my life-long passion and
fascination with metal and stones and chunky, dimensional design have
always left me wishing that I had the money to obtain a torch, flex
shaft, rolling mill, and other tools. The day has finally arrived! I
am going to invest a lot of time into reading this forum for ideas on
how to efficiently and smoothly operate my studio. I love the idea
to use a coffee cup warmer and pyrex measuring cup as a pickle, for
instance!! You guys are FULL of useful shortcuts and