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Introducing - Jan L. Skipper


Name: Jan L. Skipper (mr.)
Email: @janlskipper

Hello Evryone, I am a disabled / retired person age 53. When I was in
my early 20’s I was learning silver and goldsmithing, and working at
a semi-professional level. Making some sales and with a word of mouth
business. I left the business for other opportunities, only dabbling
slightly over the next 30 years. Now that I am disabled (heart
condition and wheelchair bound), I am re-kindling my interest in art
and jewelry making.

I hope only to become more skilled at the craft, mainly for the
artistic merit and self-satisfaction. If I am able to sell a few
things to help pay for the expenses, I would be pleased.

I heard about this project through Rio Grande Suppliers and look
forward to sharing and learning with such a prestigious group.